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Pastures to spray. Hereford cattle to work. Hay to rake & bale. There’s calving season, breeding season, weaning time, sale time. The work never ends because the cycle just goes around and around.

You know how busy it is on a cattle farm. Even when we are sitting down, we are still thinking about what we have to do tomorrow!

So I thought if I could find a more efficient way to connect to my cattle friends like you, then I would be able to help us all do a better job each day on our farms.

That’s why I created HerefordNC.com. It’s more than just a place that I can showcase our Hereford breeding stock, but also a way that I can share information and ideas that I have found through other cattlemen and companies.

Visitors tell me how much they enjoy touring our Hereford farm and love the Cattlemen’s Packet that we offer. Since 1949, this family farm has been raising Polled Hereford cattle and sharing management tips with every visitor that drops in.

Don’t expect to see a farm of perfection! Kornegay Hereford Farms is far from being the perfect farm, but we are continuously striving to improve the operation and our breeding stock.

It’s an exciting journey to watch the Polled Hereford calves being born each year and knowing that they are even better than the year before. It’s rewarding to find new ways to do old jobs. It’s also encouraging to meet others who love to share their ideas in cattle production.

So if you enjoy cattle or interested in starting a herd, HerefordNC is here to help make your life easier. Here’s how:

  • You just don’t have time to search the internet for free cattle resources? I’ll try to help.

  • Need some new ways to handle difficult jobs? Women really understand that challenge!

  • Are you looking for new ideas or products that really work or solve your problems?

  • Want to find more economical ways to help your cattle be their best?

  • Searching for new ways to market your cattle?



Hi, there! I’m Karen Scalf and I’m blessed with a wonderful family of three kids and a hard working husband who loves the farm as much as I do.

We live in southeastern North Carolina, in the cattle belt line with the hog, chicken, and turkey industry. At the heart of it all though, I am a cattle rancher just like you “trying to get it all done.” My passion is in my family and sharing the farm experience and values with the kids as they grow.

I’m so glad you’ve stopped by HerefordNC. While you’re here, check out my newest posts and take a look at the most recent Polled Hereford stock that we have available.

I’m still learning the ropes of website design, layout, and connections. It’s been an exciting journey. I hope that you find something useful for your own herd, leave feeling encouraged, and come back often!

Also, if you’re in our area, I would love to meet you. Drop by and pick up some free information on cattle production.

For a more informative visit, schedule a Farm Tour ahead.

Farm Tours can focus on any subject you choose or here are some suggestions:

  • Grass Management/Options

  • Herd Health

  • Newborn Health

  • Calving Season

  • Heifer Development

  • Bull Selection & Management

  • AI Breeding & Genetics

  • Corral Designs & Cattle Handling Techniques

I also provide a Cattlemen’s Packet that is filled with tips on cattle management and brochures on our products. Our visitors report that the Farm Tour was very enjoyable and certainly worth the drive. Customers have said that they still have fond memories of their first farm tour at Kornegay Hereford Farms.

I invite you to visit our farm anytime & I’m always happy to show you our cattle. Bull Barn is our unique on the farm store with products to make “Life Better on the Farm.” See you in the pasture. – Karen

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