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Breeding Soundness Exams, good bull management

Breeding Soundness Exams, good bull management

If you think that a Breeding Soundness Exam on your bull is just too expensive and only made for high class breeding stock. Think Again!

Any bull can become infertile.

The lost income or a herd with a staggered calving season will not be forgotten. The financial impact lasts for years.

Simple & quick for the bull but the veterinarian covers many aspects of the male reproductive performance.

There are two parts: a physical examination & a sperm evaluation.

A chute large enough to restrain a bull is required. A veterinarian will access the bull’s physical condition, scrotal circumference, and also an internal palpation of the reproductive tract.

Bull Testicles

Size matters

The sperm will then be collected by electrical stimulus & analyzed under a microscope.

electrical stimulus

Breeding Soundness Exams are good Insurance for Breeding Season


Breeding Soundness Exam is where the BULL is!

Your BSE report will provide details on the following:

  • physical examination

  • scrotal circumference

  • semen evaluation (% motility, % normal cells, % abnormal cells)

Be prepared for Breeding Season

by testing your bull 60 days ahead of turn in.

Old bulls and young bulls can become infertile.

 If your bull doesn’t pass the BSE, at least you have 60 days to revise your breeding plan or purchase a new bull.

Look at a gestation chart and plan your breeding season. Schedule a BSE for your bull at your farm or at a local livestock facility that doesn’t charge for its use. It’s time & money well spent!

If you don’t have a gestation chart, email me [email protected]


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