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Bull Barn Field Day, Friday April 5th 10am-1pm

Bull Barn Field Day, Friday April 5th 10am-1pm

Hereford Cattle & Equipment

Come See how Bull Barn is making Life Easier on the Farm.

Friday is sure to be a jam packed agenda, despite the rain showers.

Minerals & Equipment

The schedule starts with a discussion on minerals and mineral feeders. A display from Renaissance, AmeriAg, Bextra, & Mule City Feeds.

This is not your typical salesman’s talk. Be late and you will miss out on one of the most important parts of the Field Day!

Next, it’s on to feeling the difference that StaBull Equipment can make for your herd. When they lean against StaBull panels & gates, those cattle will know it’s working day. No more escapes. No more showing off. Even if you have to run & jump over the panel to escape the crazies, at least you know your StaBull corral will hold’em.

Pastures & Seeds

Ready for a new look in the pasture? Southeast AgriSeeds has the options. It’s time to look at our dirt a little differently and see where we can work less but have more concentrated grazing for our herds. It’s all about production!

Fly Control Options

It’s TIME! Those pesky flies are breeding again and if you have large areas from feeding winter hay, you will have plenty of flies for warm days. Face flies, Stable Flies, Horn Flies….they all cost havoc & money.

Come pick a fly control plan that works with your budget & your work schedule. There is a better way! Let the cows do the work & you can have fun.

Check out the Cattle Curtain. Get hands-on training with the Vet Gun & have a plan in place because you know the horn flies are COMING!

Herd Stress

This presentation will hold your attention longer than just Field Day. Go home with a new look at your herd & new options to combat the stress they face. Being prepared makes all the difference!

You will see new products that you haven’t heard about before and learn how they can save a calf, protect your cows, and build your herd strength. Above all, it’s about making our farms more productive and more profitable.

Record Keeping

Who doesn’t hate paperwork? Well it shouldn’t be that much work! Keep it simple and make it as easy as “a stroke of the pen”.

The Cattleman’s Record is ready for the pasture. Come see the record keeping system that Kornegay Hereford Farms has used for so many years. Nothing fancy, nothing expensive, just works!

Concrete Bunk Designs

Everyone has been asking for corral layouts using concrete feed bunks.

It’s time to see and feel the bunks + corrals. Kornegay Hereford Farms is open on Field Day. You can visit any of our setups and get ideas for what may work on your operation. We are here to answer your questions and offer suggestions.

Bull Barn Services

Although the name “Bull Barn” is new to many folks, we are still Kornegay Hereford Farms of 70 years. Still breeding and selecting quality Hereford genetics to build the herds of tomorrow.

The bottom line is producing the most efficient, quality BEEF for our families.

Hereford Influence Sales (HIS)

BUT, in addition to selling Hereford Cattle, we also promote the Hereford Influence Sale (HIS) of baldy cattle. No matter if they are black & white or red & white, these Hereford-influenced cattle are the cream of the crop.

In high demand by commercial cattleman, these white-faced steers are selling at the top of the markets while the females are premium replacements for building a strong herd. Start looking for your HIS calf on the next sale!

In addition….we provide,

  • Fence Master chargers

  • Pasture Plans

  • Fecal Egg Counts on Manure

  • Farm Tours & Farm Visits

  • Calving Kits & Calf Survival Kits

  & Hereford Beef….which you will get to sample at lunch on Field Day + NCSU Howling Cow ice cream.

See You On The Farm, Friday! -Karen

Last Day to RSVP is TODAY, Tuesday by midnight by email or text so that your name is added to the list for a SECOND DOOR PRIZE TICKET.

If you don’t rsvp, come anyway. There’s no charge for attending, but you might be looking at a hot dog.

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