Bull Performance Matters

Bull Performance Matters

Bull Performance Matters

I’ve developed  a 5 x 7 card for recording important information on each bull in your herd. Just like the Cow Production Cards, this is a quick and easy reference to manage your livestock.

Whether your herd is registered or not, you need a record on every breeding animal.

Bull Production Card-front page

  • Tattoo/tag/name

  • Birth date (because time flies)

  • Pedigree information (even if it’s not registered, just jot down where you purchased the bull, did you see his parents, why you selected him)

  • Space for picture if desired

  • birth weight, eye pigment

  • adjusted 205 day weight, frame score

  • 365 day weight, scrotal circumference @__months of age

Bull Management Production Record front page

Part I- BSE Test:

  • Date of Breeding Soundness Exam, Bull’s Age, Body Condition Score

  • % Sperm Motility, % Normal Sperm, Results of Test & Vet Name

  • Deworm & Vaccination

Bull Management Production Card back page

 Part II – Breeding Season:

  • Date that bull was placed into herd for breeding

  • Date that bull was taken out of herd

  • Body Condition Score when bull finishes breeding season

  • Which herd did he breed and how many cows were exposed

Bull Production Card shows the bull’s performance year after year and helps you make decisions that are critical to your herd’s production.


Right now, can you answer these questions about your current bull?

  1. How old is he & how many years have you used him?

  2. How many calves have you had from this bull?

  3. Has he been dewormed & vaccinated lately?

  4. How many BSE tests has he had?

Once you start using Production Cards for your cows & bulls, you will wonder how you ever got along without them!

Get your herd moving toward better performance by adding KHF Production Cards to your record keeping system.

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