Coming May 15! Herd Health Workshop for KHF Customers.

This month, we will focus on best ways to control those pests. Horn flies, face flies, biting flies, and all kinds of worms that make our cattle miserable and steal weight gain. In addition to finding the most effective product and using it on the right age group, I will bring to our workshop ways to make these jobs easier in the field. I can’t wait to show you! I just came back in from using one of these ideas. Tested and proven. The good thing about this idea is……it didn’t cost me anything. I already had these items around the farm anyway, so now they are in use and I am more efficient!

Also at this workshop, plan to discuss Body Condition Score and find out why this score is critical to your success. The weight on your brood cows determines more than you think!

Included on the agenda is a focus on mineral. Don’t be foolish with your dollars. Bring a mineral tag with you when you come and we can look at it in more detail. There are several companies that manufacture minerals. The tag can get confusing. Each rep has their own sales pitch. Here’s an honest approach to figuring out what you really need in the mineral feeder.

I encourage you to bring a feed sample &/or feed tag when you come. There’s plenty to discuss there but we may go too deep into the discussion of the above topics to even cover feeds. Grass options is definitely on the agenda. The cheapest way to fatten a cow/calf is on the pasture. Kill the weeds and feed the grass!

See you there! -Karen