Cow Production Cards

Cow Production Cards

From our Hereford Farm to your farm,

Cow & Bull Production Cards.

Here is one of the best management tools that I have used in our Hereford cattle operation. I even provide a production card for every Hereford cow, heifer, & bull that I sell.

The Cow Production Card

a 5 x 7 two-sided card stock, fits in a 3 ring mini-binder (available at any office supply)

Front Side of Card:

  • Animal’s Family Tree + Birth date
  • Individual Information (birth weight, eye pigment, udder suspension/teat size, weaning weight, frame score
  • Picture if available

Back Side of Card provides an area to record each calf born & production info such as:

  • calf id, birth date, sex, birth weight, eye pigment
  • calving ease (1-5)
  • Sire
  • Dam Body Condition Score
  • Udder Suspension (1-9) + Teat Score (1-9)
  • Wean Weight & Height
  • Remarks (disposition, horns/scurs, etc)

I update the production cards once a year after weaning the calf crop.

The Cow Production Card combines the calving seasons together for quick easy snapshot of the cow’s performance. You can see if this cow is calving consistently & at the same time each year.

You will be able to answer the following questions and many others:

  • Has she had any calving issues?
  • What are the birth weights from previous calves?
  • What sires produced those calves?
  • How much did her calves weigh at weaning?
  • Has the cow been loosing Body Condition?
  • How old is this cow and do I need to cull her due to production?
  • Do I need to keep a heifer from this cow?

Lastly, I highlight any replacement heifers that I have saved for my herd. Recognize a long lasting cow and save her heifers to build your herd’s longevity.

Make Udder Suspension & Teat Scores a priority in your herd performance. By selecting for improved udder shape and teat size, you increase your calf survival rate and ensure colostrum intake early. Strong healthy calves wean heavier.

Here’s a preview of the Cow Production Card:

Cow Production Record

Back side provides space for following:

Cow Management Production Card Back Page

 For a better view of the Production Card & to order yours, click here.

Want to check out the Bull Production Card designed specifically for bull management? Click HERE.

Order your complete Production Packet of 3 ring mini-binder (includes 45 Cow & 5 Bull Production Cards) $35 + shipping by emailing me here [email protected]


(Additional Packages of 45 Cow/5 Bull Production Cards available for $25 + shipping)


“A Bull Barn product….designed to work,

                                                    ….designed to last!”

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