Your Hereford Calves Come First Series – Prep Your Calving Supplies

Your Hereford Calves Come First Series – Prep Your Calving Supplies

Calving Season can make your nervous.

But have everything in place and you can sleep easy.

The very FIRST thing is to write down when you started breeding. ImWorkingHere_WEB


When the Hereford bull is loaded in the trailer & before you open the gate, write down that date on your Cattle Records. You may want to write it down in 2 different places just to cover your bases.

Then use a Gestation Chart to calculate your estimated delivery date. (If you don’t have a gestation chart, schedule a visit to Kornegay Hereford Farms & I’ll give you one in your Cattleman’s Packet. Email me at [email protected] to schedule your visit.)

Add your calving date to the calendar on your phone with an alert & you’re sure to be on top of your cattle.

Prepare 2 weeks prior to your Estimated Calving Date. Why? Because twins can arrive two weeks earlier than expected. Nothing throws your schedule into a tailspin than twins!

Prepare your Calving Kit:

  • Tattoo pliers, ink + latex glove, & a shop grease rag (for cleaning the ears prior to stamping & ink)

    lasso that newborn early

    lasso that newborn early

  • ID tags & tagger

  • Castration pliers & fresh bands

  • Hoof Tape to measure birth weight

  • Naval Dip

  • Lasso (no, you really don’t have to know how to lasso like the western cowboys do)

  • Feed Pan (in case the new mom is away from the herd & you can supplement her)

  • And of course, start your new Calving Record pages (KHF Cattleman’s Record is almost finished for release)

To Ride in your Truck for the unexpected:

  • Calf Coat (re-purpose a man’s coat/vest, works great to keep a calf warm & you clean)

  • OB Chains, short and long set + handle, & plastic sleeves

  • Gallon of water (makes cleanup easier)

At the Maternity Barn:

  • Calf Puller/Jack (yes, it will get dusty but who cares. It’s exactly where it needs to be when time is critical.)

    *Every Maternity Ward needs one & every cattleman needs to know how to use it safely on a cow.

  • Rope Halter to hold a cow (because the chute is not the place to pull a calf)

  •  Bale of Straw (bedding)

  • Bale of good quality Hay (no one wants to run get a bale of hay in the middle of the night.)

Catch'em Early

Catch’em Early

At the House:

  • Colostrum (the effective colostrum is expensive, like $25-30 a bag, so don’t waste your time with the other stuff.)PeachTeatBottleCloseup_WEB

  • Powdered Milk in the freezer (I usually measure out some & place in ziploc bags for a quick grab)

  • Peach Teat & Bottle (definitely the best nurse bottle that I have ever used! Thanks to a friend who gave me one just a few years back.)

  • Penicillin in refrigerator +needles/syringes (Infected naval cords need several days of treatment. Treat them early and move on.)

  • Scour Treatment & Electrolytes (Emergencies are never convenient but knowing you have what you need, can save a life & a vet bill.)

Protect the Babies.

Give them a great start and they will be healthy breeding stock for life.

A weak start, and they will end up in the feedlot.

A Bright Future

A Bright Future

Next in the Calving Series Blog Posts, I’ll share with you my personal experiences & the products that I find most beneficial.

Happy Birthday Babies!


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