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Hereford Influenced Calves Sell Top Price

Hereford Influenced Calves Sell Top Price


Baldys Bring Top Price

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The crossbred white face calf is the premium feeder calf.

Feed Lot Buyers are paying top dollar for the Hereford-crossed calves:

  • Castrated at birth

  • Weaned

  • Know how to eat from the trough

  • Vaccinated

  • Wormed

  • Tagged

These crossbred calves grow faster, are healthier, and finish out with a medium-sized high quality carcass.

With a little planning ahead, you can stamp your White Face calf crop with the proper ear tags, wormer, and vaccines and come home with the bigger paycheck.

Bull Barn can help. We order your ear tags, wormer, vaccines, arrange labor to work your calves if needed, and help with marketing your calf crop.

Consider your next calf crop and what they should look like to bring home the Bigger Paycheck. Use Hereford Bulls and stamp every calf with the WHITE FACE. If you need more information on our services & products, give me a call.

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