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New Life for Your Soil & Pastures

New Life for Your Soil & Pastures

Soil Health has opened up a whole new world for agriculture.  Dirt isn’t just dirt anymore. Soil does drastically impact our food quality and our health.

Farmers and Scientists together are examining the dirt to discover that bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and so many other components create an ecosystem that works in harmony. We don’t have to force it to grow crops by using synthetic fertilizer, natural fertilizers, or chemicals. Instead, soil health is about changing the way we view the world around us.

Sure, there’s lots of eye rolls and head turning but fasten your seat belt. This headline isn’t leaving anytime soon.

Search YouTube for key words like “Understanding Ag Consulting/Workshops, Allen Williams, Gabe Brown.” Find a soil health partner & learn things together.

The sky is the limit when it comes to soil health. Enjoy the journey & I’ll see you in the pasture! -Karen