Sampson Cull Cattle Market

Sampson Cull Cattle Market

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Sampson County Livestock Facility – Cull Cattle Market

has been a convenient location to drop cattle for direct transport to Brown Packing in Gaffney, SC. The Cull Cattle Market at Clinton has been temporarily closed until new paperwork is created & producers are held liable for property damage due to negligence.

As of March 1, 2018, cattlemen are still waiting for the new form. For more information & to get an update on the Clinton Cull Cattle Market, call Sampson County Extension @910-592-7161 or Paul Gonzalos, Sampson County Livestock Agent.

In the meantime, cull cattle can be hauled to Lassiter Livestock at 2195 Black Creek Rd, Four Oaks, NC on Tuesdays. (919)-820-3989 for questions.